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Inserts & Outserts
Inserts & OutsertsChallenge offers a wide array of folding formats. Parallel inserts are offered in a wide range of sizes and can be folded to ¾”. We offer both RTA (Right Turn Angle) and ribbon style outserts produced and folded entirely in-house. Both ribbon style and RTAs can be bundled into multi-packs. Our customized equipment allows us to produce ribbon style outserts up to 42” long and fold them to a mere 1 ¼” square. Our large format RTA offers more than 500 square inches for text on 120 panels.

Multi-color PatientDirect
® Inserts were designed to provide both pharmacist and patient information. Pharmacist and patient instructions can be glued together in bundles or included on one sheet in a perforated design. Using non-tear glue, we are capable of gluing multiple RTA and ribbon style outserts together. Our folding expertise make us the ideal source for producing MedGuides, as dictated by the FDA.

Inserts & Outserts Inserts & Outserts

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