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Specialty Components
Specialty ComponentsIn an attempt to include among our offerings the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical packaging components, we are expanding our product line to include blister cards and folding cartons.

We have developed a unique method to produce blister cards as part of a one-step production process, without the need for off-line die-cutting. The result is a much more streamlined effort, resulting into shorter lead-times, lower ancillary costs such as die charges and greatly reduced set-up expenses.

Security Packaging
RFIDataCounterfeiting and diversion are becoming an increasingly significant threat to the pharmaceutical industry with incidents within the domestic U.S. market. Challenge has designed a security model which includes the dynamic use of randomized authentication details, customized to fit the individual needs of each pharmaceutical manufacturer. This model includes the use of technologies such as RFID integration, infrared taggants, UV printing and others. Due to the highly sensitive nature of our packaging authentication efforts, we cannot list details of our activities in this area. Please contact us for a consultation from one of our specialists.


In addition to producing MedGuides, The Challenge Printing Company offers complete consulting and electronic design services on how pharmaceutical manufacturers can incorporate MedGuides in their packaging, in order to comply with FDA mandates.

We have developed an entire new line of consumer-directed, multi-color
MedGuides, under our PatientDirect® brand of package literature. These MedGuides can assume a variety of formats:

  • They can be included as part of the package insert with a unique color configuration.
  • They can be combined into a separate, perforated insert glued onto the pharmacist's prescribing information.
  • Whenever the package allows for the filling of multiple prescriptions, several MedGuides can be individually folded and glued in the form of a multipack, so they can be easily dispensed with each prescription filled.

Contact us today for more information at (800) 654-1234, or email us at

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